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Let’s invent cars not just faster horses. Why moving within our network sometimes limits your horizon

Author: Dopfer M.
Published in: Digital Society Blog
Year: 2014
Type: Other publications

Let me ask you a question: Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you working in a startup? Do you plan to start up your own company soon? Then maybe the people you share your ideas with are founders, startup employees or future entrepreneurs as well. My next question: Are you based in Berlin? Do you go to various startup events? Is your intention to establish or even expand your networks? Do you want these new networks to contribute to your company becoming more successful? Then maybe the new relationships you establish are also part of the Berlin startup scene. Do you see where I am headed? Do you get a glimpse of what I want you to see at this point? Well, the intention was to address you: a member of the Berlin startup scene who is constantly working on extending his or her network.

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