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Legitimacy Issues of the European Union in the Face of Crisis: Dimitris Tsatsos in memoriam, 2. edition

Author: Papadopoulou, L., Pernice, I., & Weiler, J. H. H. (Eds.)
Published in: Nomos
Year: 2018
Type: Edited works and special issues

Given the crises shattering the European Union since several years, from the financial crisis up to the refugee crisis and the vote on Brexit, Euro-scepticism and rejection are growing; a pending crisis of legitimacy compels us to analyse not only causes but also the potentials of enhancing legitimacy. This volume originates from contributions and discussions of two conferences held by the European Constitutional Law Network (ECLN). It reaches from foundational questions of democracy theory, an analysis of the causes of the crises and of the role of the judiciary in coping with the crisis, the protection of fundamental rights of the Union citizens and their better inclusion and participation through digitization, up to concrete reform proposals. A dialogical epilogue of Joseph Weiler with some of the authors strives to stimulate further discussion and reflection, as needed in the coming years if the EU is to overcome the crises and develop further as a democratic Union of citizens. With contributions by Giacinto della Cananea, Tom Eijsbouts, Federico Fabbrini, George Gerapetritis, Anna-Maria Konsta, George Karavokyris, Mattias Kumm, Jean-Victor Louis, Miguel Poiares Maduro, Antonis Manitakis, Ana Maria Guerra Martins, Lina Papadopoulou, Ingolf Pernice, Joseph H. H. Weiler und Jiri Zemánek.

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