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Learning from Others, not about Others: investigating intercultural learning and intercultural competence in the university classroom

Author: Laufer, M.
Published in: R. Bettmann, V. Hinnenkamp, A. Satola & N. Schröer (Eds.), Die Hochschule als interkultureller Aushandlungsraum: Eine Bildungs-Exploration am Beispiel eines internationalen Studiengangs (pp. 181-199). Wiesbaden: Springer.
Year: 2017
Type: Book contributions and chapters

Around the globe, higher education institutions (HEIs) are experiencing increased pressure to position themselves in a more competitive market environment. For many HEIs, internationalization is a pathway to overcoming deficiencies in state funding, remaining competitive in regards to students, staff and research grants (Altbach & Knight, 2007) and labeling themselves as progressive and quality institutions (Delgado-Márquez, Escudero-Torres, & Hurtado-Torres, 2013). Since becoming a topic of discussion in the 1980s (Knight, 2012), the internationalization of higher education (hereafter ‘internationalization’) has grown in popularity at universities.

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Melissa Laufer, Dr.

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