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Open Innovation Networks: The Evolution of Bureaucratic Control.

Author: Jarvenpaa, S. L. & Wernick, A.
Published in: Bollingtoft, A. ; Donaldson, L.; Huber, G. P.; Dojbak Hakonsson, D. & Snow, C.C. (Eds.), Collaborative Communities of Firms: Purpose, Process, and Design. Information and Organization Design Series (pp. 9-34). New York: Springer.
Year: 2012
Type: Book contributions and chapters

Bureaucratic control may appear to be an oxymoron for open innovation networks. Yet, such networks involve high levels of uncertainty and diverse set of participants with only partial congruence in goals, suggesting a need for bureaucratic control. In Finland, such bureaucratic control shaped collaboration and innovative behaviors in multiple ways in government-initiated open innovation networks. The nature of bureaucratic control matters: In this case, it was highly situational and ever evolving during the formative phases of the networks. Bureaucratic control evolved in response to tensions between both private and public interests in the networks. This chapter contributes to the community-based organization design (OD) literature

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