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International Conflicts and Mediation / Mediacao e Conflitos Internacionais

Author: Cássius, G. C., Adorno, P. A., Djeffal, C.
Published in: Sao Luis: Jornal da Justica/Cultura, Direito e Sociedade.
Year: 2014
Type: Books

Many people consider that working in international law is reserved to few people since some of these competences could be difficult to reach. The authors believe that there are opportunities for students and practitioners who really wish to pursue a career in this field. In trying to solve some of the disputes between international parties, we need to be creative since there are new elements that did not exist in the past. We could consider all the disputes in technology that were not known centuries ago. But we may also think that some of the problems have their roots in the past and it is important to examine the origins of the conflicts. Some of them are also related to different visions in government ́s position and eager to disappear at the end of their periods in democratic societies. But others persist and the possibility of a new mediator and a new attempt to find a solution it is always possible.The authors hope that these series of articles in International Law and mediation could encourage new practitioners in a world that will always be ready to receive more people interested in the field.

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