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Infusing Educational Technologies in the Heart of the University – A Systematic Literature Review from an Organisational Perspective

Author: Deacon, B., Laufer, M. & Schäfer, L. O.
Published in: British Journal of Educational Technology, 0(0), 1-26
Year: 2022
Type: Academic articles
DOI: 10.1111/bjet.13277

Educational technologies have experienced unprecedented prominence on university agendas with many institutions motivated to keep the lessons learned from the COVID-19 sparked transition with regard to online teaching. In response to this renewed interest in ensuring the longevity of educational technologies in higher education, this systematic review analysed the various organisational factors—for example, leadership, infrastructure, strategy—considered essential in the literature for the successful implementation of educational technologies. Specifically, we reviewed 1614 papers published in five prominent educational technology journals in the last decade. From this sample, we identified 47 papers that discussed organisational factors. Drawing on these studies, we constructed an organisational framework, which outlines the different organisational factors, actors and processes involved in implementing educational technologies. The identified organisational factors are structured into three main categories: (1) Leadership and Strategy, (2) Infrastructure and Resources and (3) Recognition and Motivation. Our aim was to further the scholarly understanding of the organisational layer involved in digital change as well as provide concrete recommendations for practitioners.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Melissa Laufer, Dr.

Senior Researcher and Project Lead: Knowledge & Society

Bronwen Deacon

Researcher and project manager (on parental leave): Knowledge & Society