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Handling the hype: Implications of AI hype for public interest tech projects

Author: Züger, T., Kuper, F., Fassbender, J., Katzy-Reinshagen, A., Kühnlein, I.
Published in: TATuP – Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice, 32(3), 34-40
Year: 2023
Type: Academic articles

Based on theories of expectations of technology and empirical data from expert interviews and case studies, this research article explores how actors in the field of public interest technologies relate to and within the dynamics of AI hype. On an affirmative note, practitioners and experts see the potential that AI hype can serve their own purposes, e.g., through improved funding and support structures. At the same time, public interest tech actors distance themselves from the dynamics of AI hype and criticize it explicitly. Finally, the article discusses how engagement with AI hype and its impact affects society as a whole and, more specifically, society’s ability to develop and use technologies in response to societal problems.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Theresa Züger, Dr.

Research Group Lead: Public Interest AI | AI & Society Lab

Freia Kuper

Researcher: Knowledge & Society

Irina Kühnlein

Student Assistant: AI & Society Lab

Judith Faßbender

Researcher: AI & Society Lab

  • Open Access
  • Transdisciplinary
  • Peer Reviewed

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