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GazeHorizon: Enabling Passers-by to Interact with Public Displays by Gaze

Author: Zhang, Y., Müller, J., Chong, M. K., Bulling, A., & Gellersen, H.
Published in: ACM UBICOMP
Year: 2014
Type: Academic articles

Public displays can be made interactive by adding gaze control. However, gaze interfaces do not offer any physical affordance, and require users to move into a tracking range. We present GazeHorizon, a system that provides interactive assistance to enable passers-by to walk up to a display and to navigate content using their eyes only. The system was developed through field studies culminating in a four-day deployment in a public environment. Our results show that novice users can be facilitated to successfully use gaze control by making them aware of the interface at first glance and guiding them interactively into the tracking range.

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