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Finding Talent for the Twin Transition: Are UK Firms Shifting Towards Skill-Based Hiring for AI and Green Jobs?

Author: Ehlinger, E. G., & Stephany, F.
Published in: SSRN
Year: 2023
Type: Academic articles

For emerging professions, such as jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or sustainability (green), labour supply does not meet industry demand. In this scenario of labour shortages, our work aims to understand whether employers have started focusing on individual skills rather than on formal qualifications in their recruiting. By analysing a large time series dataset of around one million online job vacancies between 2019 and 2022 from the UK and drawing on diverse literature on technological change and labour market signalling, we provide evidence that employers have started so-called “skill-based hiring” for AI and green roles, as more flexible hiring practices allow them to increase the available talent pool.

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Fabian Stephany, Dr.

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