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Organizing Digital Change at the University. The Practitioners’ Field Guide for Implementing Educational Technology

Author: Laufer, M., Kuper, F., Mende, M. A., Schäfer, L. O., Tschache T., & Deacon, B.
Published in: HIIG Impact Publication Series
Year: 2023
Type: Other publications
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7687804

The Practitioners’ Field Guide for Implementing Educational Technology offers research-based recommendations and data-derived best practices for organizing digital change at the university. Readers will gain insight on six thematic sections: leading with educational technology, creating a common vision, building a strong foundation, maintaining connections, unpacking resistance, and fostering motivation. Each section includes an overview text with the main research takeaways as well as exercises – discussion guides, steps, and case study examples.

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Field Guide for Implementing Educational Technology-Impact-Publication

Connected HIIG researchers

Melissa Laufer, Dr.

Head of Research Programme: Knowledge & Society

Freia Kuper

Researcher: Knowledge & Society

Maricia Aline Mende

Student Assistant: Knowledge & Society

Bronwen Deacon

Researcher and project manager: Knowledge & Society

Research issue in focus

Du siehst eine Bibliothek mit einer runden Treppe die sich in die höhe schraubt. Sie steht sinnbildlich für die sich stetig weiterentwickelnden digitalen Infrastrukturen unserer Wissensgesellschaft. You see a library with a round staircase that spirals upwards. It symbolises the constantly evolving digital infrastructures of our knowledge society.

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