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Efficient data uploads to satellite formations by rateless codes and adaptive tracking

Author: Freimann, A., Petermann, T., Döbler, H., Scheuermann, B., & Schilling, K.
Published in: IEEE Space Hardware and Radio Conference (SHaRC)
Year: 2021
Type: Academic articles
DOI: 10.1109/SHaRC51853.2021.9375848

The uplinks from ground stations to CubeSats typically support only low data rates. Additionally, the noise level in orbit is relatively high in the frequency bands used. Therefore, the upload of high amounts of data, e.g. software updates, can take a long time. Especially in case of satellite formations where updates need to be delivered to multiple satellites. We propose to make use of wireless broadcasts, rateless codes, and adaptive tracking algorithms to implement efficient data uploads to satellite formations. In this paper, we present appropriate algorithms and evaluate their performance for the CloudCT satellite formation scenario by discrete-event simulations based on detailed models of the system and in-orbit measurements.

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