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Digital Transformations in Public International Law: An Introduction

Author: Golia, A., Kettemann, M. C., & Kunz, R.
Published in: A. Golia, M. C. Kettemann, & R. Kunz, Digital Transformations in Public International Law (Beiträge zum ausländischen öffentlichen Recht und Völkerrecht). Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos.
Year: 2022
Type: Book contributions and chapters
DOI: 10.5771/9783748931638

Sovereignty, security, rights, participation: these four macro-issues have been deeply affected by the impact of digital technologies on the inner infrastructures of public international law. But what role does international law play for the internet? And how have the internet and the platforms, rogue actors, cyber weapons, and multistakeholder approaches to law-making influenced international law? This book examines the reciprocal influences between digital technologies and public international law and contributes to further debunk the persisting myth of the internet as an unregulated space. By these means, it current and future fields of inquiry emerging from the interface between public international law and digital technologies which will become even more relevant in the future. With contributions by Angelo Jr Golia, Matthias Kettemann, Raffaela Kunz, Pia Hüsch, Edoardo Celeste, Uchenna Jerome Orji, Alena Douhan, Stefanie Schmahl, Rossella Pulvirenti, Adam Krzywoń, Katharina Luckner and Vera Strobel.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Raffaela Kunz

Former Fellow: Knowledge & Society

Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M. (Harvard)

Head of Research Group and Associate Researcher: Global Constitutionalism and the Internet

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