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Communiplay: A Field Study of a Public Display Mediaspace

Author: Müller, J., Eberle, D., & Tollmar, K.
Published in: CHI ’14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Year: 2014
Type: Academic articles

We present Communiplay, a public display media space. People passing by see their own contour mirrored on a public display and can start to play with virtual objects. At the same time, they see others playing at remote displays within the same virtual space. We are interested whether people would use such a public display media space, and if so, how and why. We evaluate Communiplay in a field study in six connected locations and find a remote honey-pot effect, i.e. people interacting at one location attract people at other locations. The conversion rate (percentage of passers-by starting to interact) rose by +136% when people saw others playing at remote locations. We also provide the first quantification of the (local) honey-pot effect (in our case it raised the conversion rate by +604% when people saw others playing at the same location). We conclude that the integration of multiple public displays into a media space is a promising direction for public displays and can make them more attractive and valuable.

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