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Business Model Innovation: the Role of Different Types of Visualizations

Author: Beha F., Göritz A., Schildhauer T.
Published in:
Year: 2015
Type: Working paper

Although the ongoing discussions about the definition and design of business models is increasingly prominent, little attention has been paid to understanding the different concepts of visualization, i.e., how they can help to understand the nature of business models, and their role in analyzing and designing a business model. The paper focuses on analyzing the different forms of visualization and highlights the relationships and differences between various approaches. The analysis of more than 40 visualizations reveals seven different categories. Each category has its own characteristics and understanding of what a business model is and can help people to understand and to design business models in a specific way. The paper introduces to the features and characteristics of the individual groups, the understandings that underlie them, and may help to get an overview of advantages, and disadvantages of different forms of visualization.

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