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Blockchain technology: From privacy advocacy to supply chains

Author: Baack, S., Badiei, F., & Hölzel, J.
Published in: Digital Society Blog
Year: 2017
Type: Other publications

Originally developed to make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin possible, Blockchain technology has become a huge phenomenon that attracts both hacktivists and venture capitalists. How do these different groups come together and what are the real-world applications of Blockchain technology outside of cryptocurrency? We had the pleasure to talk about this with Zaki Manian, founder of the startup company Skuchain. Skuchain is applying Blockchain technology to supply chain finance. It develops a technology called ‘Brackets’ which would allow trade partners to interact in a “friction ­free manner”, as the website puts it. At the same time, Zaki is a cryptographer and privacy activist. He contributes to open source security software and engages in ‘Restore the Fourth’, a US nonprofit organization protesting against government surveillance. We asked him about Brackets and whether he sees any connection between his role as a startup founder and a privacy activist. Below, we summarize his main points and how they relate to each other.

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Julian Hölzel

Associate Researcher: Data, actors, infrastructures

Stefan Baack

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Farzaneh Badiei

Former Associate Researcher: Internet and Media Regulation

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