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Adopting AI in the Context of Knowledge Work: Empirical Insights from German Organizations

Author: von Richthofen, G., Ogolla, S., & Send, H.
Published in: Information, 13(4), 1-16
Year: 2022
Type: Academic articles
DOI: 10.3390/info13040199

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly adopted by organizations. In general, scholars agree that the adoption of AI will be associated with substantial changes in the workplace. Empirical evidence on the phenomenon remains scarce, however. In this article, we explore the adoption of AI in the context of knowledge work. Drawing on case study research in eight German organizations that have either implemented AI or are in the process of developing AI systems, we identify three pervasive changes that knowledge workers perceive: a shift from manual labor and repetitive tasks to tasks that involve reasoning and empathy, an emergence of new tasks and roles, and an emergence of new skill requirements. In addition, we identify three factors that are conducive to the development of AI systems in the context of knowledge work: leadership support, participative change management, and effective integration of domain knowledge. Theoretical and managerial implications are discussed.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Georg von Richthofen, Dr.

Senior Researcher & Project Lead: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

Shirley Ogolla

Associated Researcher: The evolving digital society

Hendrik Send, Prof. Dr.

Associated Researcher: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

  • Peer Reviewed

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