Competing and complementing – The relation of Co-determination and new participatory platforms within companies

In our project “Competing and complementing – The relation of co-determination and new participatory platforms within companies” we do research on workers participation on digital platforms by examining new forms and processes of employee participation online. In Germany co-determination defines a set of employee rights including the possibility of actively participating in the shaping of…

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Privacy by design in smart cities

Skyscrapers and Wifi signals

How to build smart cities in a privacy and security-friendly way, when more and more movements and human actions are tracked by means of public WiFi and camera systems? How to develop the right infrastructure in smart cities? In particular, how to make employees aware of privacy and security risks handling personal data in businesses, which…

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The meaning of Open Source Innovation for the future firm Open Source Innovation (OSI) is an important topic for firms today. At present, most markets experience shorter development cycles due to digital innovation and transformation. Customers show increasing interest in individualized products. Put differently, customers and users become part of value creation processes. As a…

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How to collaborate with startups?

Joint innovation projects by corporates and startups are being supported by ongoing digitalisation. These collaborative approaches consist of different engagement models such as startup programmes, accelerators and incubators, or other innovation hubs. However, only 30% of corporates describe themselves as experienced in cooperating with startups.1 Similarly, more than 50% of startups rate their collaborations with…

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Gemeinsam Digital – SME 4.0

Gemeinsam digital

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are the backbone of the German economy but many struggle to define a digital strategy and leverage competitive advantages through digital technology. 94% of SME confirm that digitalisation highly influences their business but only one third consider the degree of digitalisation in their own business as high. Main reasons why…

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