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Making Repositories and AI Systems Usable in Everyday Nursing Care


As part of the BMBF funding programme “Making Repositories and AI Systems Usable in Everyday Nursing Care” (Repositorien und KI-Systeme im Pflegealltag nutzbar machen), eight collaborative projects and one scientific accompanying and networking project are being funded. The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society is involved in two of these projects.

AI in Nursing: Fall, Delirium, Medication (KIP-SDM)

The “KI in der Pflege: Sturz, Delir, Medikation” project aims to simplify data access for nursing staff as well as for AI researchers in the use case of fall prevention. For this purpose, decentralized data repositories of nursing treatment data are to be established, which enable protection of the confidentiality of patient data by using generative Deep Learning to generate synthetic but realistic patient data that can be shared in a privacy-preserving manner.

In the project, HIIG will ensure that the system that is being developed and its subsequent use in nursing practice meets all data protection law requirements, that the fundamental rights and freedoms of patients are protected, and that the patients’ data sovereignty is preserved. In addition, HIIG aims to develop a conformity assessment program based on the results of the research project, which will serve as a first stage for developing a data protection certificate and ensure the GDPR-compliant and thus legally watertight application of the project results in nursing practice.


Process Development and Support for AI Use in Nursing (ProKIP)

The “Prozessentwicklung und -begleitung zum KI-Einsatz in der Pflege” project supports, advises, networks and evaluates the eight collaborative projects. In addition, it is researching the challenges and conditions for the successful integration of AI solutions into nursing practice, and will design an AI nursing readiness assessment for this purpose.

HIIG focuses on the legal-normative requirements and their implementation in the projects, especially with regard to the governance and handling of data, data protection law and the current regulatory efforts of the EU on AI systems and their implications on the projects.



Maximilian von Grafenstein, Prof. Dr.

Associated Researcher, Co-Head of Research Programme

Jörg Pohle, Dr.

Head of Research Program: Actors, Data and Infrastructures

Digital & Indiscipline: HIIG Explainer videos with English subtitles

Lectures and presentations

Datenschutz & Fairness in Federated Learning
ProKIP Methoden-Lab: Datenschutz & Fairness in Federated Learning. Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft, Berlin, online: 21.11.2022

Jörg Pohle

Datenbasierte Technologien in der Pflege: Welche praktischen Einsatzszenarien gibt es und welche Herausforderungen gilt es zu überwinden?
Caritas & KI: Wie gemeinwohlorientierte KI gestalten?. Caritas. mitosis LAB, Berlin, Germany: 06.10.2022

Jörg Pohle, Matthias Schulte-Althoff