Jung. Digital. Engagiert.

Digitalisation is changing the framework conditions of social life and thus also civic engagement in many ways. New, digital forms of engagement are emerging and digital technologies make it easier for us to communicate and organize activities for a good cause. Digital forms of engagement in particular are little known to the public and therefore receive less attention. The portrait series Jung. Digital. Engagiert. Freiwillige im Potrait. starts right here and presents examples of the new digital engagement. Individual portraits focus on the (often) young actors and their diverse civic engagement. We look over the shoulders of those involved, conduct interviews and talk about what motivates them to volunteer and what role digitalisation plays in this. 

Arranged in six thematic areas, the engagement portraits are supplemented with scientific contributions: from Citizen Science to digital interfaces between state, politics and civil society, civic tech, digital discourse and social change, digitalisation itself as the main field of activity, and platforms for civic engagement, new forms of digital engagement are thus considered across a broad spectrum.

The project Jung. Digital. Engagiert. ties in thematically with the Third Engagement Report, in which civic engagement is examined with a focus on the opportunities and challenges for youth and young adult engagement in the digital age. It was published in summer 2020. 

FundingFederal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ)


Claudia Haas

Project lead: Jung. Digital. Engagiert.