The Internet Policy Review  is an open access, fast track and peer­-reviewed journal on Internet regulation. It tracks public regulatory changes, as well as private policy developments which are expected to have long lasting impacts on European societies. The journal contributes empirical research, analysis and current affairs coverage, to contemporary debate about media, information technology, telecommunications and Internet governance.

The Internet Policy Review’s expertise resides in its clear and independent analysis of inter­-European and pan­-European digital policy changes. It is thereby a resource on Internet policy for academics, civil society advocates, entrepreneurs, the media and policymakers alike.

The journal is published on a rolling quarterly basis by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin, in collaboration with the UK research consortium CREATe and the French Institut des sciences de la communication at the CNRS. Special issues are published on specific topics, ranging from big data to the sharing economy. The managing board consists of five professors specialised on different Internet policy research areas. The editorial board is made up of 15 distinguished members. A team made up of a managing editor and academic editors ensures day­-to-­day operations of the Internet Policy Review.