Dewmystifying AI

Demystifying AI in entrepreneurship

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to sustainably change how value is created in all sectors. In order to tab into this potential for Germany, it is essential to understand which types of AI are produced in Germany and what their actual contribution and impact is. On the one hand, AI can be used to support and optimise existing value creation processes, on the other hand, additional value can be created in the form of new products and services. AI startups play an important role in both areas, however, their main potential is to develop and market new AI-based products and services through innovative business models.

The AI production process is not a magic blackbox, but rather an entrepreneurial process designed and carried out by actors, such as entrepreneurs, with a certain motivation. In this context, HIIG researchers are examining the entrepreneurial process of AI production in Germany as part of the pilot project “Demystifying AI in entrepreneurship – What’s behind German AI production?”. First, we clarify the potential and main areas of development for the German economy by analysing the German startup landscape and interviewing experts in the field. Our analysis shows various types of AI business models in Germany with specific characteristics. Second, using case studies from three German AI startups, we will introduce their founders and business models in detail. We will publish our results through a blog series, several podcasts and a white paper. This will make Demystifying AI in entrepreneurship an accessible knowledge resource for the interested public, but also for the ever-growing group of decision-makers in politics and business, who are confronted with the topic of “AI – Made in Germany”.

EndFebruary 2020

Data and media

Whitepaper: Demystifying AI – Was steckt hinter KI-Unternehmen in Deutschland?

Report: Understanding »AI made in Germany«. A report on the German Startup Landscape (Delphi 2/2019)


Nicolas Friederici, Dr.

Project Lead: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Jessica Schmeiss, Dr.

Associated Researcher: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Former employees

  • Sina Beckstein Sina Beckstein
    Former Associated researcher: Innovation & Entrepreneurship