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Excerpt from research impact canvas

Research Impact Canvas: New tool for impactful science communication

With the help of the newly developed science communication tool Research Impact Canvas, HIIG trains …

AI trainers for medium sized companies

The Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Berlin, _Gemeinsam Digital, offers an AI-training service for small and medium …

Grafik aus der Digitale Innovation im Mittelstand Studie

How SMEs successfully tackle digitalisation

A study by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) and Sirius …

Internet Policy Review IPR Logo

DFG supported open access project tests new publication models

Berlin, 13 March 2019 – The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for the Internet and Society …

Gemeinsam digital: Wir machen weiter!

“_Gemeinam digital”, the Berlin 4.0 Competence Center for Medium-Sized Businesses, is prolonged until 2021

Good news for small and medium-sized companies from Berlin, Brandenburg and throughout Germany: _Gemeinsam digital, …

Paradise glitch essay competition banner

Our digital society in 2040

The essay competition “twentyforty – Utopias for a digital society” invites researchers worldwide to describe …

Eu Hub group picture in Haifa

Conference shows potential of European AI research

Artificial Intelligence will change society worldwide: More than 60 researchers from a European research network …

European Hub Logo

Artificial Intelligence from a European perspective

International and interdisciplinary: a network of 26 Internet research institutes is researching the social challenges …

Cover der Studie: Big Data Nudging

Big Data Nudging involves dangers

The default settings in apps are a current example of how behaviour is influenced and …

GDRP DSGVO Purpose Limitation

Scientific study proves innovation potential of the GDPR

A legal study on the EU General Data Protection Regulation by a researcher at the …


Florian Lüdtke

Coordinator Science communication and press

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