Philipp Darius

After finishing his Bachelor of Science in Economics at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Philipp worked as a graduate research assistant at the Latin American Social Science Institute in Buenos Aires (FLACSO, Argentina). Thereafter, he did his Master of Science in Sociology and Global Change at the University of Edinburgh, where he focused on digitalisation processes and their effects on democracy and society. In his Master’s dissertation Philipp investigated the use of social media in politics with a special focus on right wing populist parties and their communication and networking strategies online. Methods used where web-scraping, social network analysis, community detection algorithms and cluster analysis.

At HIIG Philipp works as a student research assistant at the office for the Third Engagement Report to the German federal government. Besides his academic studies Philipp is active in clubs and societies and participated in projects such as the HU Welcome Tandems which promote a free, open and welcoming civic society.

Philip Darius


Student Assistant: Third Engagement Report