In Chinese, the phrase “rice bunny” is pronounced as “mi tu” and has become a nickname for the #MeToo campaign. The #RiceBunny hashtag, accompanied by emojis of rice bowls and bunny... MOREThe public sphere metaphor was always contested and this continues in the digital realm. While “old” debates on access, inequality and power continue, the so-called platform society has taken concerns... MOREGovernments want special access to encrypted data while IT specialists and privacy advocates oppose these demands. What is the role of the “backdoor” metaphor within these conflicts, often coined as... MOREIn his New Years Speech French president Emmanuel Macron has announced a new law project regarding the propagation of fake news online that shall be submitted until late 2018. This... MOREEverybody is discussing energy cost savings. But what is the situation with Smart Energy user innovations in Germany? In this interview conducted by innogy foundation, Hendrik Send refers to a... MORE“Nudging” has been given a new dimension through Big Data in recent years: How and through which instruments can the combination of digitised personal data and the observations of the... MOREWith the fifth event taking place, the biannual workshop series “Privacy, Data Protection & Surveillance” – organized by Dr. Johannes Eichenhofer and Jörg Pohle – has established itself as an... MOREDigital Platforms like Yammer, Slack or Sharepoint are ushering in a new era of communication and collaboration within enterprises. They have got what it takes to boost the productivity and... MOREEmbedded in smart technologies, algorithms are taking decisions on a daily basis. What challenges arise from algorithmic decision making for human rights and for the regulation of artificial intelligence? In... MORE

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