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Nina Shengelia

Nina Shengelia is a lecturer at Tbilisi State University and a PHD researcher based in Georgia. In July 2021 she was a  visiting  researcher at HIIG in the framework of DAAD Scholarship of Research Grants for PHD students.

Nina’s research is concerned with digital constitutionalism, regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation of social media platforms, digital rights, human rights, social media councils, platform governance, intermediary liability as well as impact of social media and human rights on fragile democracies.

Nina studied law at King’s College London and has completed a Master’s Degree at BPP University in the framework of her scholarship from a leading London based law firm, Herbert Smith Freehills. Nina worked as a lecturer of law at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs at the Department of Law and Politics between 2016 and 2019. She has been working as a lecturer of Media Law at Tbilisi State University at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies since 2020. Since 2019 Nina is a member of  “Digital Constitutionalism Discussion Group” at HIIG. Nina is also heading a non-governmental organization Digital Democracy Center in Georgia and is a former fellow at Sector 3 where her work focused on Media Literacy, Disinformation and Regulation Policy Review. On behalf of Digital Democracy Center and Sector 3, Nina organized a Roundtable discussion on ‘Legal Aspects of Content Management on Social Media, Disinformation and Media Literacy’  in 2020. Nina alongside former HIIG fellow and professor Edoardo Celeste is also a co-organizer of a scientific conference “Human Rights in the Digital Age Regulating Online Disinformation: European Perspectives” Additionally, Nina has worked for the Georgian Media Regulator, Communications Commission and leading law firms in London, Herbert Smith Freehills and Stephenson Harwood. 


Shengelia, N. (2020). Constitutionalizing Role of Terms of Service of Social Media Platforms and Proposed Social Media User Bills of Rights, International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science. Available at: (Accessed: 3 January 2021). 

Shengelia, N. (2018). ‘Legal Normative Regulations of Social Media’, Abstracts, the Sixth International Conference for Bacherlor’s Master’s and PHD Students of Caucasus International University,  p.151.

Shengelia, N. (2020). ‘Contemporary Challenges of Social Media and Digital Constitutionalism’, Media Lab, 3 August.  Available at: (Accessed: 20 October 2020).

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Former Fellow: Global Constitutionalism and the Internet


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