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Nils Heinemann

Nils Heinemann is a student assistant in the research program Data, Actors, Infrastructures research program and is working on legal issues related to the use of Artificial Intelligence in care and medicine.

Nils is currently studying law at LMU Munich, previously completing a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics at Zeppelin University with a residency at the University of Zurich. He is particularly interested in the intersection of law and technology, especially in platform regulation, competition law, and data protection.

Before joining HIIG, Nils worked for different projects as a research assistant at the ETH Center for Law and Economics and the Hertie School Center for Digital Governance as well as in a law firm.

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Student assistant: Data, Actors, Infrastructures

Organisation of events

XIV. Interdisziplinärer Workshop „Privacy, Datenschutz & Surveillance“
13.12.2022. Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, Germany (International) Further information

Nils Heinemann, Jörg Pohle