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Nastasja Krohe

Nastasja Krohe works as a student assistant in the research programme “Data, Actors, Infrastructures”. Previously, she worked for the research group “Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society” in the project _Gemeinsam digital and supported the knowledge transfer about AI-technologies to SMEs. 

Nastasja is currently studying for a Master’s degree in “Theory and History of Science and Technology” at TU Berlin, and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Before joining HIIG, she worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Computer Science/University of Leipzig, where she was involved in teaching. She is theoretically interested on (further) developments of the internet and the associated social implications, but she also strives to develop practical solutions: in 2018, she developed the concept for an open source app for schoolchildren, in which knowledge about technical infrastructures as well as know-how about data protection and data security can be conveyed in an age-appropriate way. Shortly afterwards, the project team was able to realise a first prototype due to a funding by the Prototype Fund/BMBF. 

Nastasja Krohe | HIIG


Student assistant: Data, Actors, Infrastructures

Other publications

Wolf M., & Krohe, N. (2020). Demystifying AI: Learnings für den Mittelstand. Digital Society Blog. Publication details