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Moritz Timm

Moritz Timm is a researcher and project coordinator in the GIZ cooperation project “Digitalisation, Entrepreneurship & Climate“.

In the election year 2021, Moritz coordinated the Digital Electoral Compass. Previously, he supervised the publications encore and Jung. Digital. Engagiert. editorially. After that, he was a researcher for the Organisational Adaptivity in the Higher Education Context (OrA) project. There, he conducted research on the conditions for the success of digital teaching and the organisational changes at universities in the context of digitisation.

During his master’s studies, Moritz was a student assistant in the areas of office management, press relations, and communications at HIIG.

Moritz studied political and administrative sciences in Konstanz and contemporary history in Potsdam. His focus was on the enemies of liberalism and their philosophy as well as on the Berlin regional division of the NPD and the New Right. During his Masters, Moritz was a member of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on the History of Right-Wing Extremism and wrote his Master’s thesis under the supervision of Frank Bösch and Gideon Botsch in cooperation with the Anti-Fascist Press and Information Center (apabiz). During his master’s degree, Moritz also worked at the Center for Contemporary History Potsdam (ZZF) as a student assistant for Frank Bösch and was involved in the empowerment of humanitarian aid workers at the European external borders.


Moritz Timm | HIIG


Researcher & Project Coordinator

Other publications

Deacon, B., & Timm, M. (2021). Possibilities for change – higher education and digitalisation. Elephant in the Lab. Publication details

Deacon, B., Timm, M. (2021). Possibilities for Change – Higher Education and Digitalisation. Elephant In The Lab Blog Journal. Publication details

Timm, M., Sokolovska, N., Kuper, F., Mosene, K. (2021). Fehlende Digitalpolitik bei den Triellen der Kanzlerkandidat:innen – Eine Emanzipation der Wähler:innenschaft. Digital society blog. Publication details

Timm, M. (2020). Entwicklung und Vermittlung von Technologien. Digital society blog. Publication details

Timm, M. (2020). Digitalisierung als Thema des Engagements. Digital society blog. Publication details

Timm, M. (2020). Digitale Diskurskultur und politische Meinungsbildung. Digital society blog. Publication details

Lectures and presentations

Qualität in der digitalen Lehre – Eine Untersuchung von Einflussfaktoren
Tagung der Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung 2021. Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung. Online, Siegen, Germany: 16.09.2021 Further information

Moritz Timm, Bronwen Deacon, Melissa Laufer, Len Ole Schäfer

Enge und lose Kopplungen in der Hochschule – Die COVID-19 Pandemie und digitale Lehre
Soziologische Betrachtungen zur Digitalisierung der Lehre (in der COVID-19-Pandemie). DIPF | Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsinformation. Online, Frankfurt am Main, Germany: 10.09.2021 Further information

Bronwen Deacon, Len Ole Schäfer, Moritz Timm, Melissa Laufer

Organisation of events

Digitaler Salon: Das zoomende Klassenzimmer
27.01.2021. Livestream, Berlin, Deutschland (National) Further information

Natasha Vukajlovic, Christian Grauvogel, Moritz Timm

Roundtable Inklusive KI
10.09.2020. Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, Germany. Co-Organised by: Representation of the European Commission in Germany (International) Further information

Daniela Dicks, Natasha Vukajlovic, Juliane Henn, Katharina Mosene, Alexander Pirang, Moritz Timm, Kai Gärtner, Wolfgang Schulz, Theresa Züger

Media appearances

LOL war gestern (28.02.2018). Digitaler Salon
Further information

Das zoomende Klassenzimmer (27.01.2021). Digitaler Salon
Further information