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Miriam Wolf, Dr. (on parental leave)

Miriam Wolf is a project leader at the Humboldt institute for Internet and Society (HIIG). In the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society group she is responsible for the project „Mittelstand 4.0“ which is part of the initiative „Gemeinsam Digital“ founded by the Federal Ministry for Economoic Affairs and Energy. The project aims to support Small and Medium Enterprises in the Digital Transformation.

She has studied Social Anthropology at the LMU Munich (MA) and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at the TU Munich (MSc) and holds a PhD from the Leeds University Business School where she worked as a Marie Curie Researcher in the FP7 Project „Management of Emerging Technologies for Social and Economic Impact“. Later she joined the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and the Institute for Management and Social Policy at the ZHAW Zürich, working on social Innovaiton, Social Entrepreneurship, organizing- and transformation processes.

Before focusing on research she has worked on natural resource management in develoment cooperation for the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) in Frankfurt and for a SME in the field of environmental engineering, the Blues GmBH in Munich.

Miriams is interested in the question how organizations can create social and environmental value besides creating economic value and how organizations can trigger, support and/or adapt to social transformation processes.

Miriam Wolf | HIIG


Project lead (on parental leave): Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

Journal articles and conference proceedings

Scheidgen, K., Gümüşay, A.A., Günzel-Jensen, F., Krlev, G., & Wolf, M. (2021). Crises and entrepreneurial opportunities: Digital social innovation in response to physical distancing. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 15. Publication details

Wolf, M., & Mair, J. (2019). Purpose, Commitment and Coordination around Small Wins: A Proactive Approach to Governance in Integrated Social Enterprises. Voluntas, 30(3), 535-548. DOI: /10.1007/s11266-019-00116-5 Publication details

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Wolf, M., Amstutz, J., & Kehl, K. (2018). Soziale Innovation, soziale Investition, soziales Unternehmertum: Was können wir in der Schweiz aus internationalen Studien lernen? Tagung Soziale Innovation.. Publication details

Wolf, M., & Pandza, K. (2018). Organizing for institutional complexity: Field-configuring organizations. Academy of Management Conference, Philadelphia.. Publication details

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Dolgova, E., Wolf, M., & Pandza, K. (2014). Massive open online courses: the emergence of a field. Academy of Management Conference, Philadelphia.. DOI: /10.5465/ambpp.2014.16922abstract Publication details

Wolf, M., & Störmer, E. (2010). Institutional Constraints on Decentralisation of Wastewater Infrastructures in Saxony. Network Industries Quaterly, 12(1). Publication details

Book contributions and chapters

Wolf, M., & Wilkins, T. A. (2015). Managing structural ambiguity: Understanding new challenges in collaborative R&D policy making. In Dimitris Assimakopoulos, Ilan Oshri, & Krsto Pandza (Eds.), Managing Emerging Technologies for Socio-Economic Impact. Edward Elgar Series on Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. (pp. 285-304). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. Publication details

Other publications

Wolf, M., Mair, J., Rathert N., & Ioan, A. (2017). Policy Brief on Governance of Social Enterprises. European Policy Brief. SEFORÏS, . Publication details

Mair, J., Wolf, M., & Ioan, A. (2016). Germany Country Report: A first analyses and profiling of social enterprises in Germany. SEFORÏS, . Publication details

Wolf, M., & Ioan, A. (2016). Social enterprises in Germany and the refugee crisis: What role do they take? Seforis Blog, . Publication details

Wolf, M., & Ioan, A. (2015) (2015). Facing unexpected challenges – social entrepreneurs and the refugee crisis in Germany. Seforis Blog, . Publication details

Wolf, M. (2014). The State of Social Entrepreneurship in Germany. SEFORÏS Country Report, . Publication details

Lectures and presentations

Governance in Social Enterprises. Insights from SEFORÏS research project.
Seforïs Conference. Aston University, Birmingham, UK: 09.12.2016

Miriam Wolf

Social Impact of Social Enterprises
NPI Social Enterprise Forum. Pudong, Shanghai, China: 23.06.2014

Miriam Wolf

SMO Workshop (Session: Shaping the rules? Institutional complexity and deliberative policy making. SMO Workshop Presentation). University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada: 01.10.2012

Miriam Wolf