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Maurice Jones

Maurice Jones is a curator, producer, and AI policy researcher based in Tokyo, Japan. Following ventures into journalism and business consultancy, he has been producing, curating and communicating the electronic music and digital arts festival MUTEK.JP following its arrival in Tokyo in 2016. As MUTEK.JP’s Artistic & Communications Director, he is committed to the promotion of electronic music and digital art in Japan within a global context.

As curator and producer Maurice explores the application of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality in initiatives that investigate these in a cross-cultural context. Most recently this manifested in him curating and facilitating the MUTEK.JP VR Salon (January 2019), the MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab (November 2019) and the MUTEK AI Art Lab (March 2020). These endeavours directly resulted in new performances, artworks, and releases presented around the world.

His professional activities combined with his academic background in Cultural Studies and International Relations guide his interdisciplinary research interest in exploring cross-cultural visions of Artificial Intelligence and their impact on governance efforts. By investigating the diversity of cultural perspectives on AI Maurice ultimately seeks to foster intercultural understanding by inspiring an open and inclusive discourse around this novel technology.


Maurice Jones | HIIG


Fellow: The Evolving Digital Society