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Lubna Rashid, Dr.

Lubna is a postdoctoral researcher at the Technische Universität Berlin at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, (co-)leading research at the intersection of entrepreneurship, digitalization, sustainability and grand societal challenges. Her PhD research focused on the factors enabling entrepreneurial success in fragile countries, involving first-hand analyses in Syria, Pakistan, and Nigeria. She is primarily a quantitative researcher with experience in statistical methods and a passion for data science and machine learning. She plans to (further) incorporate theoretical perspectives from psychology, biology and computer science into her research.

Lubna was a graduate from the Jordan University of Science and Technology (B.Sc. in Biotechnology) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (M.Sc. in Health Systems) before having studied in Germany. She was born in Iraq and has spent years working with several activist groups, consultancies and social entrepreneurs across the USA, Europe and the Arab world. At HIIG, she plans to conduct research at the junction of entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and sustainable outcomes in Arabic-speaking contexts.

Lubna Rashid | HIIG


Fellow: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

Other publications

Rashid, L. (2021). The Case of Nature: Digital Ecocide – How do digital tech companies get away with unsustainable behavior? Digital Society Blog. Publication details