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Laura Liebig

Laura Liebig is part of the international research project Shaping 21st Century AI – Controversies  and Closure in Media, Policy, and Research“. Her research interest and promotion topic is focused  on the interdependency between the media discourse and policy decisions. 

After her bachelor studies in the subjects media and communications as well as political science,  Laura studied in the English-language master’s program „Digital Media and Society“ at the  University of Bremen. During her studies, she focused on several theoretical concepts, for  instance, the mediatization theory, datafication, algorithms, and the construction of social reality,  and wrote her thesis on the topic of „Pandemic Conspiracies“.  

Previously, Laura was able to gain work experience and perceived the digitalization of agencies,  start-ups, and editorial offices in practice. Besides her work at HIIG, she teaches seminars on the  topics „Media System and Media Change“ at the University of Bremen. 

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Researcher: The evolving digital society