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Articles from the category: Knowledge

How Conspiracy Theorists Get the Scientific Method Wrong

Philipp Hübl on the characteristics of conspiracy theories the motivation behind their spread, and rational thought as a shield against it.

The Great Update of Research

The COVID 19 pandemic challenges society and its institutions. Science is particularly affected by the crisis, as it is expected to contribute with expertise to the solution of the problem….

Tackling COVID-19 as a Grand Challenge

Tackling COVID-19 requires coordinated, collaborative, and collective efforts that take into account other grand challenges including climate change. So how does this crisis relate to other grand challenges and how…

The Corona-Warn-App is less a technical problem than a communication problem

The much-cited “Corona-Warn-App” was critically discussed in advance in terms of data protection law and potential technical problems – but such problems are only there to be solved. The actual…

Getting Involved: Data science for good

An Interview with Johannes Müller by Lorenz Grünewald-Schukalla and Claudia Haas In 2018, an interdisciplinary expert commission comprising nine professors started working on the Third Engagement Report, titled The Future…

Using Google Trends to track social responses to COVID-19

Countries with a high peak in Google searches for the term coronavirus tend to reduce their COVID-19 infection rates. Does it make sense to associate digital information search with the…