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Articles from the category: Knowledge

How to identify bias in Natural Language Processing

Why do translation programmes or chatbots often contain discriminatory tendencies towards gender or race? Here is an easy guide to understand how bias natural language processing works.

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Defining Digitalisation: Defending Ethical Principles in the Digital Age

What visions must be implemented in the future so that the digital transformation of our society works for everyone? In dialogue with stakeholders from science, politics and civil society, the international research project “Ethics of Digitalisation” has taken stock of the current state of ethics-led digitalisation. We have summarised the most important results.

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New toolkit collects easy tips for intersectional AI

For many, AI systems have further widened the gaps of inequality. This is why Intersectional AI (IAI) approaches use the perspectives of marginalised communities to fundamentally change the making and using of Artificial Intelligence. Our new toolkit provides an introductory guide to IAI and argues that everyone should be able to understand what AI is and what AI should be.

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The case of culture: Extractive practices of work-life integration

From “move fast and break things” to a modern day workplace panopticon: Tech companies are treating their own workforce as mere productivity machines, driving the insatiable thirst for growth and shareholder value. This new kind of work-life integration tends to encourage long working days, visible busyness, and the lack of true time off.

The case of nature: Digital Ecocide by Tech Companies

Digital tech companies and global digitalization trends are adding to the existing pressures on our natural environment on several ways. In fact, all six Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that relate to ecological sustainability are impacted by the digital tech industry.


When will the first AI top the New York Times bestseller list?

Language generators based on artificial intelligence are producing increasingly convincing texts. This led us to wonder: Could an AI guest-author an article in Encore? This AI-written text is the result of our experiment.