Katharina Mosene

Katharina Mosene is a political scientist (M.A.) and is working at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research │ Hans Bredow Institute (HBI) since July 2019. She is responsible for research- and event cooperation. Furthermore, she works in the field of Digital Literacy, Digital Education and eLearning at the TUM Medical Education Center (Technical University of Munich). As a freelancer, she is engaged in the area of consumer protection in a Federal Ministry of the Interior-funded project where she holds workshops for volunteers and associations on Internet security issues (Digitale Nachbarschaft).

Katharina is also a founding member of netzforma* e.V. – Verein für feministische Netzpolitik. There she promotes equal access to the Internet and digital content, protection against online violence and the right to privacy.

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Research and event cooperations (Hans-Bredow-Institut [HBI])