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Julia Tiemann-Kollipost

Since October 2018 Julia has been working as project manager in the project team of The Third Engagement Report. She is a PhD-candidate at Göttingen University. In her PhD-project „Political Participation in the Digital Age. An Ethnographic Comparison between Iceland and Germany“, Julia studied the online participation tools LiquidFriesland and Betri Reykjavík within the conflicting priorities of users, programmers, and implementing politicians. Doing so, she developed hands-on recommended courses of action for the employment of online tools within the area of citizen participation in political decision-making processes.

Beforehand, Julia studied Cultural Anthropology / European Ethnology and English in Göttingen and Reykjavík. For several years, she worked at the Göttingen Institute for Democratic Research, where she predominantly researched the attitude change of municipal policy-makers regarding e-mobility.

Julia is especially interested in political and digital anthropology, as well as the study of everyday culture and the culture of consumption.

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Project manager: The Third Engagement Report


Tiemann-Kollipost, J. (2020). Political Participation in the Digital Age An Ethnographic Comparison Between Iceland and Germany. Deutschland: transcript. Publication details