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Jessica Schmeiss, Dr.

Jessica Schmeiss is an innovation scholar and Strategic Community Partnerships manager at Facebook. Her research interest include platform and business design for emerging technologies. Her research has been published in journals such as the California Management Review and Research Technology Management.

From 2016 – 2018 Jessica led the Mittelstand initiative “Gemeinsam Digital” initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, aiming to support SMBs in the Berlin/Brandenburg region with digital transformation. She was a Visiting Researcher at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University from March – September 2018 and held a full doctoral scholarship from the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft from 2017 – 2019.

Prior to that, Jessica worked in the digital economy at Rocket Internet (2012) and Google (2012-2016).





Journal articles and conference proceedings

Gutmann, T., Schmeiss, J., & Stuebner, S. (2019). Unmasking Smart Capital: How Corporate Venture Capital Firms Configure Value-Adding Services, forthcoming. Research-Technology Management, 62(4). Publication details

Schmeiss, J., & Friederici, N. (2019). Understanding ‘AI Made in Germany’: A Report on the German Startup Landscape. Delphi - Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies, 2(2), 87–94. DOI: /10.21552/delphi/2019/2/8 Publication details

Schmeiss, J., Hoelzle, K., & Tech, R. P. (2019). Designing Governance Mechanisms in Platform Ecosystems: Addressing the Paradox of Openness through Blockchain Technology. California Management Review, 62(1), 121–143. DOI: Publication details

Schmeiss, J. & Dopfer, M., (2017). Digitale Geschäftsmodelle – Strategien der digitalen Transformation. Wissenschaft trifft Praxis, 8. Publication details

Book contributions and chapters

Tech, R., Kahlert, J., & Schmeiss, J. (2019). Blockchain-Enabled Open Business Models: New Means to Shared Value Capturing? In T. Redlich, M. Moritz & J.P. Wulfsberg (Eds.), Co-Creation: Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics (pp. 63-76). Berlin: Springer. Publication details

Sauer, R., Dopfer, M., Schmeiss, J., & Gassmann, O. (2016). Geschäftsmodell als Gral der Digitalisierung. In O. Gassmann & P. Sutter, Digitale Transformation im Unternehmen gestalten (pp. 15-26). München, Deutschland: Hanser Verlag. Publication details

Working paper

Schmeiss, J., Stephany, F., & Tech, R. (2019). The Business Model as Mediator during Socio-Technical Transitions – Empirical Evidence from Applied AI Technology Startups in the Energy and Transportation Sector. SocArXiv. DOI: 10.31235/ Publication details

Other publications

Schmeiss, J., & Friederici, N. (2019). How much magic lies behind German AI production? Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2019). Demystifying AI – Jessica Schmeiss on AI startups in Germany, [Audio Podcast] Exploring digital spheres – a podcast by HIIG. Retrieved from: Publication details

Schmeiss, J., & Friederici, N. (2019). Ein Autopilot für Online-Marketing. Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J., & Friederici, N. (2019). Quo vadis – what types of AI are produced in Germany? Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J., & Pirlich, M. (2019). Advertising: Just statistics? Marcel Pirlich on AI in online marketing, [Audio Podcast] Exploring digital spheres – a podcast by HIIG. Retrieved from: Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2019). The German AI startup landscape: trends and challenges – interview with Fabian Westerheide. Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J., & Friederici, N. (2019). The transfer of AI-expertise in to sustainable business models. Digital society blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J., & Friederici, N. (2019). How AI extends the doctors visit. Digital society blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J., & Friederici, N. (2019) (2019). The death of manual data entry. Digital society blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2018). Wird Blockchain Ihr Geschäftsmodell auf den Kopf stellen?. Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2018). Is the future of mobility upon us?. Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2017). Digitale Geschäftsmodelle im Handwerk. Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2017). Transforming Entrepreneurial Thinking into Dynamic Capabilities. Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2017). Co-Creating an Innovative Society with Newcomer Entrepreneurs. Publication details

Wrobel, M. & Schmeiss, J. (2016). KMU trifft Startup – und vice versa. Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J. (2016). Digitale Transformation – bitte gerne. Aber wie? Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Schmeiss, J, (2016). Small business managers or entrepreneur – who is more entrepreneurial ? Digital Society Blog. Publication details

Lectures and presentations

Blockchain-enabled value creation between multiple parties: A transaction cost perspective.
World Open Innovation Conference (Session: Digital Transformation). UC Berkeley, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation. Berkeley Haas, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, San Francisco, USA: 13.12.2018 Further information

Jessica Schmeiss, Katharina Hölzle, Robin Tech

The governance of open business models through blockchain technology
R&D Management Conference 2018 (Session: Digitally-enabled business model innovation). Politecnico di Milano. Politecnico di Milano School of Management, Milan, Italy: 02.07.2018 Further information

Jessica Schmeiss, Robin Tech, Jonas Kahlert

Digital Business Model Innovation in the Berlin Startup Scene
Norwegian Business School 2017. BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway: 21.09.2017

Jessica Schmeiss

A Venture's Business Model Design Modes - A process perspective on business model design
R&D Management Conference 2017. KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium: 04.07.2017

Jessica Schmeiss, Thomas Möllers, T., Robin Tech

Digital Business Model Innovation for Autonomous Driving
ESMT Digital Future Summit 2017. BMI Seminar, Berlin, Germany: 23.06.2017

Jessica Schmeiss

Making the customer king - A qualitative study on customer centric business model innovation of SMEs
SPIM Innovation Conference 2017. ISPIM, Vienna, Austria: 19.06.2017

Jessica Schmeiss, Martina Dopfer

From dinosaurs to business model masterminds
SMS Special Conference 2017. Strategic Management Society, Banff, Canada: 04.06.2017

Jessica Schmeiss, Martina Dopfer, Roman Sauer

Becoming an innovation mastermind: Entrepreneurial capabilities of small business managers
Business Model Conference 2017. Ca’Foscari University, Venice, Italy: 18.05.2017

Jessica Schmeiss, Martina Dopfer

Digitale Transformation - Machen Sie Ihr Unternehmen/Geschäftsmodell zukunftsfähig
Lange Nacht der Startups. Deutsche Telekon & IHK. IHK Berlin, Berlin, Germany: 03.09.2016

Jessica Schmeiss

Moderation of workshops and panels

Digitale Disruption und digitale Geschäftsmodelle
BMI Workshop. Universität St. Gallen. Universität St. Gallen, ThyssenKrupp, St. Gallen, Switzerland: 29.11.2016

Jessica Schmeiss

Digitale Transformation
Digitale Transformation (Startups & Mittelstand). Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany: 20.10.2016

Jessica Schmeiss

Organisation of events

Disrupted: The unconventional discussion platform on open innovation and the future of the automotive industry along the supply chain
13.09.2017. Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, Germany. Co-Organised by: Unversity St. Gallen (National)

Vivian Weitzl, Jessica Schmeiss, Martina Weifenbach, Thomas Schildhauer, Hendrik Send

TOA Disrupted! The unconventional conference for Mittelstand, Startups and Corporates Tech Open Air Festival 2017
From 11.07.2017 to 14.07.2017. Toa, Berlin, Germany (International)

Jessica Schmeiss

jessica schmeiss


Former Associate Researcher: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society


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