Jacek Wiland

Jacek Wiland is currently doing his Master’s degree in Statistics at Humboldt University. Prior to that, he completed his bachelor in Economics at the University of Amsterdam. In his dissertation he studied modelling of the long-term memory in returns of financial time series. Currently, his primary academic interest lies in Artificial Intelligence and particularly in Deep Learning techniques. At HIIG, he supports the Digital Identity, Citizenship & Democracy in Europe (DICDE) project as a developer.

Jacek Wieland


Student assistant: Data, actors, infrastructures

Organisation of events

Fake News, Online disinformation and democratic processes in Europe
11.01.2019. Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany. Co-Organised by: Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) (International) Further information

Jacek Wiland, Konstantinos Tsakiliotis, Kai Gärtner, Ingolf Pernice