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Irina Kühnlein

Irina Kühnlein joined the research project „Public Interest AI” which is affiliated with the research group „AI & Society Lab“ as a student assistant.

She is currently studying European Media Studies (M.A.), a cooperative degree program of the University of Potsdam and the FH Potsdam.

Previously, she completed a Bachelor of Literature, Arts and Media Studies at the University of Konstanz. There, she assisted in various practical seminars of the department of media studies as a student assistant and led a tutorial on the introduction to media studies.

  • AI · Society & culture

    Public Interest AI

    The “Public Interest AI” research group is developing an operationalisable analysis procedure that will allow Public Interest to be defined in an AI-specific way...

Journal articles and conference proceedings

Züger, T., Kuper, F., Fassbender, J., Katzy-Reinshagen, A., Kühnlein, I. (2023). Handling the hype: Implications of AI hype for public interest tech projects. TATuP – Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice, 32(3), 34-40. DOI: Publication details

Working paper

Züger, T., Faßbender, J., Kuper, F., Nenno, S., Katzy-Reinshagen, A., & Kühnlein, I. (2022). Civic Coding: Grundlagen und empirische Einblicke zur Unterstützung gemeinwohlorientierter KI. Civic Coding Initiative. Publication details

Other publications

Kühnlein, I. & Lübbert, B. (2024). Ein kleiner Teil von vielen – KI für den Umweltschutz. Digital society blog. Publication details

Kühnlein, I. (2023). Public Interest Tech: A take on the actors’ perspectives on ecological sustainability. Digital society blog. Publication details

Lübbert, B., & Kühnlein, I. (2023). Partizipation mit Wirkung: Einblicke in die Prozesse von Common Voice. Digital society blog. Publication details

Züger, T., Katzy-Reinshagen, A., Fassbender, J., Kuper, F., & Kühnlein, I. (2022). Civic Coding. Empirische Erkenntnisse und Empfehlungen zur Unterstützung gemeinwohlorientierter KI. HIIG Impact Publication Series. Publication details

Organisation of events

Digitaler Salon: Quanten statt Quaken
27.03.2024. Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, Germany (National) Further information

Daniel Pothmann, Irina Kühnlein, Sarah Spitz

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Student Assistant: AI & Society Lab