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Articles from the category: Innovation & Work

SMEs and AI-Startups: How to keep track

HIIG has been supporting the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Centre Berlin in the _Gemeinsam digital project as a consortium partner since 2016. We report from the AI company delegations: Which AI…

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Working from Home but Never Alone: Why People Analytics Have to Be Designed with the Employee in Mind

Remote working challenges management, employees and works councils alike. People analytics could offer support, but only if the software is designed with the employees’ well-being and privacy in mind.

From Zero To One: How a Podcast is fostering Entrepreneurship Education

In recent years, customer acquisition has become the biggest challenge to German startups. Covid-19 turned out to be an accelerator for the recent developments. This article discusses a podcast that…

How can platform innovation in SMEs be promoted?

What are the obstacles and conditions for success for platform innovation in medium-sized businesses? Which policies can support it? – These are the questions the research team of the project Data Platforms for Medium-Sized Businesses (short “DaPla”) asked itself.

The use of AI in HR management – Curse or blessing?

During the first Pop-Up Lab of HIIG’s AI & Society Lab an interdisciplinary team of researchers tackled pressing issues at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HR management over…

European AI and IoT – First roundtable in cooperation with the Represenation of the European Commission in Germany

The first Roundtable of HIIG’s AI & Society Lab hosted in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Germany was our kick-off for an exchange on European AI…