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Articles from the category: Innovation & Work

Titelbild technology-driven future of work: Ein Smiley auf den Asphalt gemalt.

Is an ethical pathway to a technology-driven future of work possible?

Tina Krell sat down with Zenjob co-founder and CLO Frederik Fahning. They discussed the platform dynamics in the temp industry, the labour market and the challenges of scaling in Europe.

Titelbild des Blogbeitrags Sustainable platform economy in Europe. Rohre vor einer Wand und davor grünes Gras.

Four key ideas for a sustainable platform economy in Europe

The Platform Alternatives project spoke to various highly experienced stakeholders. In this article we want to share four ideas on sustainability and fairness for platform companies.

Shaping the Airbnb Experience: How platform executives manage their service providers

Have you ever noticed that Airbnb stays tend to resemble each other quite a bit, regardless of whether you are staying in, say, London or Lisbon? If so, this is no coincidence. In this blog post, Dr. Georg von Richthofen describes the strategies and tactics which platforms such as Airbnb use to manage service providers in the sharing economy and create distinctive customer experiences.

Germany: Hidden Champion of Online Platform Work?

Online freelancing is booming, not only in Germany. A new research hub at the University of Oxford shows how relevant the online gig-economy has become.

“Just start, because the timing is always wrong”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is only something for large corporations? The public perception often assumes this. But small and medium-sized enterprises can also benefit from AI.

There is a small child standing in front of a huge staircase wearing a cap with a European flag.

How can European Platform Entrepreneurship succeed?

Tina Krell had the opportunity to interview Aleksandar Orlić from Together they talked about platform entrepreneurship in Europe and the opportunities as well as challenges of the future.