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HIIG Impact Publication Series

The HIIG Impact Publication Series delivers impact-driven research that is relevant and applicable to change makers, practitioners, and sustainable entrepreneurs.

Taking on a problem-oriented approach, this series explores the role of emerging technologies and innovations in tackling global societal challenges, and offers empirically-grounded actionable insights to foster positive and meaningful real-world change in society.

Handout // August 2023 // German

Scholar-led Publishing

These six handouts support scientists and publishing institutions in setting up an Open Access scientific journal.

Report // May 2023 // English

Digital entrepreneurship for climate in Mexico

Focusing on the challenges and implications for sustainable entrepreneurship in Mexico, this report outlines the findings of the research sprint “Green Technologies, Entrepreneurship and Climate”.

Study // May 2023 // English

Preparing, Responding or Restoring

This paper explores how technology is currently used in relation to climate change and rainforest protection in Indonesia.

Study // May 2023 // English

Regulation of Digital Platforms for a Socially-Just Gig Economy in Kenya

The study with policy briefs shed light on the political, legal, and social challenges that impact effective platform regulation in Kenya, and identify initiatives that can cultivate and sustain the local gig economy.

Policy Brief: Labour Laws · Policy Brief: Gender Inclusivity

Study // April 2023 // English

Sustainable Spatial Transformation of the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren

Through a case study of the Innovation and Training Park in Kosovo, this study provides a sustainable spatial transformation strategy aimed towards innovation, economic development, and digital transformation.

Guide // March 2023 // English

Organizing Digital Change at the University

This practitioners' field guide for implementing educational technology offers research-based recommendations and best practices for organizing digital change at the university.

Study // March 2023 // English

Digital Entrepreneurship in Vietnam’s Green Tech Sector

This report summarises key findings on the factors that inhibit the potential of digital entrepreneurship in Vietnam’s green tech sector and their implications.

Study // March 2023 // English

Determinants and Outcomes of Innovation Entrepreneurship in a Turbulent Context

This paper explores the determinants and outcomes of entrepreneurship in the context of national innovation policies that were established in post-revolution Tunisia.

Study // February 2023 // French

Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship in Benin

This report explores the opportunities, challenges, and strategies related to digital entrepreneurship in the Beninese and West African ecosystem, particularly in agriculture.

Guide // January 2023 // German

AI in Knowledge Work: Fields of Action and Approaches for an Employee-Oriented Design

This handbook identifies fields of approaches for an employee-oriented design of AI systems in knowledge work, asserting the need to design AI systems in the interests of employees

Policy Paper // October 2022 // German

Civic Coding. Empirical Evidence and Recommendations to Support AI for the Common Good

Based on expert interviews and case studies, this study approaches the field of community-oriented AI development and describes the requirements for the community-oriented use of AI.

Study // February 2022 // English

The Promises and Perils of Applying AI for Social Good in Entrepreneurship

Based on interviews with entrepreneurs, this paper offers key findings and recommendations for social entrepreneurs to navigate the perks and perils of applying AI for social good.


Guide // November 2021 // English

Platform Alternatives: The Strategic Guide to Responsible Platform Business

This guide highlights platform alternative strategies that decision-makers can pursue to mitigate platform capitalism’s problems.

Policy Brief // December 2020 // English

Making Audits Meaningful

This brief explains how and why content moderation algorithm audits should be mandated by law within the four clear principles of independence, access, publicity, and resources.

Policy Brief // December 2020 // English

Disclosure Rules for Algorithmic Content Moderation

This policy brief provides several recommendations for regulators on disclosure rules for algorithmic content moderation in order to increase transparency from social media platforms.

Policy Brief // December 2020 // English

Freedom of Expression in the Digital Public Sphere

This policy brief aims to inform policymakers of the risks posed by the proliferation of algorithmic content moderation and the need for a more proactive regulatory governance approach.

Study // March 2021 // English

Fairness in Targeted Advertising

This report provides concrete recommendations for platform companies, online advertisers, and policy makers to reduce the risks of gender stereotyping in targeted job advertising.

Primer // March 2022 // English

What to Explain When Explaining Is Difficult

This interdisciplinary primer discusses explainable AI and meaningful information in automated decision-making from a legal, design, and technical perspective.

Position Paper // October 2020 // German

AI by and for Women Roundtable

Based on a roundtable entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Women*", this paper outlines the ideas and demands for a more feminine and diverse AI as discussed together by the participants.

Study // February 2019 // German

Digital Innovation in Medium-Sized Companies

This study offers case studies of successful digitization projects in Germany's medium-sized economy, revealing their unique challenges, conditions, and solutions.

Study // November 2017 // German

Cooperation Between Startups and Medium-Sized Companies

This study looks into the systematic development of partnerships between startups and medium-sized companies, challenges involved, and the collaboration models suitable for both sides.


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