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HIIG Quarterly – July 2012

18 July 2012

Right before the summer break, we would like to show you our second HIIG Quarterly including information about conferences in preparation for September and October. But foremost we are advancing our research projects followed by the need and privilege to recruit new staff members and develop our research team – the real work has just begun.

So, for this year’s late summer there is a lot to look forward to and quite some interesting output to look back at since we wrote our first newsletter in April. We hope to provide you with an insightful update to our research activities and we wish you all a pleasant summertime.

Greetings from Berlin

Jeanette Hofmann | Ingolf Pernice | Thomas Schildhauer | Wolfgang Schulz

Call for Papers: Berlin Colloquium on Internet and Society

Call for Papers for Early Stage Researchers | Deadline: 12. August 2012
With the Berlin Colloquium on Internet and Society we intend to create a german platform for early stage researchers (doctoral candidates & post-doctorates) in the field of internet & society in order to discuss and advance their research projects. The colloquium will take place from October 25th – 26th 2012 and the call for papers is due on August 12th… read more

Research Topics & Projects

Joint Research: Social Media Governance Project with the University of Haifa
The HIIG Social Media Governance Research Project has started its collaboration with a research group at the University of Haifa headed by Niva Elkin-Koren. Its goal is to explore the factors involved in the governance of user behaviour in social networks. One of the first steps is to contrast controlling elements of software code with that of regulating laws for protection of personality rights… read more
Completed: Selection of the first Candidates for the HIIG Doctoral Programme
We received a lot of great applications from all over the world in answer to our call for doctoral candidates earlier this year. After an intense selection process we have appointed four promising doctoral candidates with diverse academic backgrounds. We are very happy about our first interdisciplinary research group and are looking forward to the start of our doctoral programme in September this year… read more
Now online: 4 new Publications on SSRN 
Four more papers are available in the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society Discussion Paper Series. These articles outline different perspectives on future studies, internet-enabled innovation, internet-based business models and open science. The series has a transdisciplinary academic focus addressing questions on internet policy & governance, democracy & global constitutionalism, internet innovation & economics and information & media regulation… the series on SSRN

Upcoming Events

Xinnovations | 10. – 12. September 2012

The “Xinnovations 2012” creates a forum for academics, entrepreneurs, politicians, developers and users alike to discuss the interplay between internet, society and innovation. Central topics of this year’s conference are levelling the ground for open innovation as well as opening state and society for the age of social media and globalisation. The first speakers of the programme are online now and the ticket sales have already started… about the event
The Internet and Human Rights | 13. – 14. September 2012

The symposium on “Internet and Human Rights: Building a free, open and secure Internet”, jointly organised by the German Ministry of Foreign AffairsAarhus University,Human Rights Watch and the HIIG, offers a space for multi-stakeholder dialogue by bringing together participants from governments, private sector, civil society, academia and technology experts. Following the focus on “Challenges in Cybersecurity” in 2011, the second Berlin Cyber Conference will address the role of human rights in internet policy and discuss options for integrating ‘internet human rights criteria’ into intergovernmental negotiations and corporate decision-making…

Data Privacy Conference | 17. – 18. October 2012

The Data Privacy and Protection Conference, co-organised by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the HIIG, will be the first milestone of the HIIG research project on privacy. Data protection experts as well as renowned scholars are invited to discuss the new EU draft on data protection. Prior to the conference, three expert workshops will be held to analyse the present debate on data protection and map the research field… read more

Save the Date

Berlin Colloquium on Internet & Society | 25. – 26. October 2012
about the event

Recent Events

Wikimedia Academy – Conference  | June 2012

The “Wikimedia Academy 2012: Research and Free Knowledge” organised byWikimedia Deutschland e.V. in collaboration with Freie Universität Berlin and HIIG focused on knowledge production in Wikipedia and research on free knowledge in general. Besides the Academies vimeo channel all papers and workshop presentations are online available… read more

Pamela Samuelson – Fair Use in Europe? – Workshop  | May 2012

How can copyright be brought into consonance with new digital user practices? Is the US-Fair-Use-Principle superior to the European Barrier System? What can be learned from the Fair Use in the USA with regards to the European copyright? These were the key questions at the “Fair Use in Europe? State of the research and open questions” workshop on May 7th, 2012 with Pamela Samuelson jointly organised by Jeanette Hofmann (HIIG) and Leonhard Dobusch (Freie Universität Berlin / Stiftung Neue Verantwortung)… read more

Berlin Talks @ Informare! | May 2012

At the 2012 Infomare! conference the 2nd Berlin Talks have taken place with more than 100 academics from Berlin and Brandenburg to discuss and exchange results of their research on internet and society. The conference Infomare!, where director Ingolf Pernice held a keynote on politics and the web society, was organised by The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence… read more

Martin Pleiss

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