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Helene von Schwichow

Helene von Schwichow studied Communication in Social and Economic Contexts (M.A.) at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris. Her research focuses on communication with AI and cyberfeminism. In her final bachelor project, she developed a donation-based business model as well as communication strategies for the blog

She has already been working at the HIIG as a student assistant for Internet Policy Review and The Third Engagement Report. Helene is also a co-founder of the creative agency and strategy consultancy  MOTIF Institute for Digital Culture.

Organisation of events

5 Years of Internet Policy Review
From 04.09.2018 to 04.09.2018. Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany (International) Further information

Helene von Schwichow, Patrick Riechert, Frédéric Dubois

Helene von Schwichow


Network Coordinator | NoC European Hub & Academic Programmes

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