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Hadi Asghari, Dr.

Hadi Asghari is a postdoctoral researcher in the Public Interest AI research group. His research  focuses on safeguarding public values in AI systems.

Hadi employs a mix of empirical, computational, and design methods to make sense of the digital ecosystem, and subsequently to propose technical and institutional mechanisms to better safeguard values. Example values include privacy, access, freedom, and transparency. Hadi has published on a number of these topics, including a series of studies on the impact of privacy laws worldwide.

Hadi collaborates closely with researchers and experts from various disciplines and backgrounds, including civil society, industry, and government. He is a member of the AI & Society Lab (at HIIG), the Access Request Advocacy & Research Network (at VU Brussels), and the Open Tech Fund advisory council, among others.

Previously, Hadi worked at TU Delft, where he also received his PhD degree on the topic of “Analyzing Security Metrics for Public Policy”. In 2016, he was a visiting researcher at Princeton University’s Center for IT Policy. Prior to his research career, he worked as a software engineer and entrepreneur in Tehran.

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Researcher: AI & Society Lab

Journal articles and conference proceedings

Ashgari, H., van Biemen, Thomas, & Warnier, Martijn (2021). Amplifying Privacy: Scaling Up Transparency Research Through Delegated Access Requests. 5th Workshop on Technology and Consumer Protection (ConPro ’21). Publication details