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Freia Kuper

Freia Kuper is a research assistant in the IMPaQT project of the research programme “Knowledge and Society” where she works on quality judgements of third-mission-activities of the social sciences. Her research focusses on spaces of knowledge production and dissemination engendered by digital structures. Within this she is particularly interested in newly arising social constellation, work divisions and unfolding professional roles.
Freia studied Molecular Medicine (B.Sc.) and Universität Ulm and Istanbul Üniversitesi and Science Studies (M.A.) at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. She finished her master program with an ethnographic study on the maintenance of an immunological database in San Diego, USA. Besides, she is the editor of the “hinterlands magazine”, a magazine showcasing diverse narratives from Europe’s rural regions.

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Researcher: Knowledge & Society