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Fellow Views

In order to continue our exchange with the fellows in virtual surroundings, “Fellow Views” provides a space for opinions, insights and perspectives penned by our Summer Fellows. These contributions enable a view on the institute from an outside perspective while simultaneously allowing insights into HIIG activities.

External blogposts

  • Ausserhofer, Julian (2013): Metaphors of Data. Fellow Footpring Beitrag. [Online here]
  • Liao, Han-Teng (2013): Calculated publics? Hazards of meritocracy in promising efficiency and rationalism. [Online here]
  • Liao, Han-Teng (2013): General or special favouritism? Wikipedia-Google relationship reexamined with Chinese Web data. [Online here]
  • Liao, Han-Teng (2013): Public service media providers in the Internet age: A visit at the Hans-Bredow-Institut (HBI). [Online here]
  • Liao, Han-Teng (2013): The human condition facing big data. [Online here]
  • Navarria, Giovanni (2013): The Journey and the Moment. [Online here]


  • Liao, Han-Teng (2013): Geo-linguistic realities and “Imaginary Cosmopolitanism”: Repurposing filter bubble devices for new (cross-cultural) literacies. [pdf]
  • Liao, Han-Teng (2013): Geo-linguistic Dynamics of Virtual Work in Wikipedia projects and beyond: Cognitive Surplus and Social Mobilization Theory. [pdf]
  • Liao, Han-Teng; Petzold, Thomas (2013): Governing a polyglot Internet. How decisions taken by the digital technology industry shape the future of languages. [pdf]
  • Liao, Han-Teng (2013): Report on Wikimania 2013. [wiki]