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HIIG Expertise

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), as an independent research institute, considers itself an active participant in the communication of scientific knowledge. As the press office, we are pleased to connect you with our experts who offer excellent research results, network policy analyses, and profound insights into the development of the internet and the resulting digitalisation of all aspects of life.

Are you working on an article, a TV or radio report and looking for a voice from the scientific community? Our researchers are available for interviews, background discussions and scientific statements.

Press contacts

You can't find suitable topics or researchers for your feature? We will be happy to connect you with the right experts - quickly and free of charge:

Frederik Efferenn
Head of Science Communication

Tel: +49 30 200 760 82

Ali Aslan Gümüsay, Prof. Dr.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Digitalisation & Economy, Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Alina Kontareva Profilbild

Alina Kontareva, Dr.

Topics: Digital Platforms, Russia’s Platform Economy, Platform Capitalism

staff dummy

Anna Jobin, Dr.

Topics: AI, Ethics Guidelines for AI, Political Regulation of AI

Benedikt Fecher | HIIG

Benedikt Fecher, Dr.

Topics: Anti-Science Sentiment in the Digital Space, Trust in Science, Quality of Science Communication

Björn Scheuermann, Prof. Dr.

Topics: IT Security, Cyber Attacks, Network Systems

Christian Katzenbach, Dr.

Topics: AI, Political Regulation of AI, Political Regulation of Digital Platforms, Disinformation

Fabian Stephany Profilbild

Fabian Stephany, Dr.

Topics: AI & Work, Internet Economy, Digital Platform Work, Platform Economy, Future of Work

Georg von Richthofen | HIIG

Georg von Richthofen, Dr.

Topics: AI & Work, Sharing Economy, Digititalisation of the Workplace

Hadi Asghari Profilbild

Hadi Asghari, Dr.

Topics: AI, Public Interest AI, AI & Data Protection

Jörg Pohle Datenschutz

Jörg Pohle, Dr.

Topics: Information Technology, IT Security & Data Protection, E-Health, Health Data & Data Sharing

Katharina Mosene

Katharina Mosene

Topics: Discrimination & Bias by AI, Anti-Feminism on the Internet, Hate Speech on Social Platforms

Porträt von Matthias Kettemann

Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M. (Harvard)

Topics: Regulation of AI & Digital Platforms, International Criminal Law on the Internet, Ethics Guidelines for Algorithmic Decision-Making

Maximilian von Grafenstein, Prof. Dr.

Topics: Data Protection Law, Data Governance (Sharing of Data, e.g., Data Act, Data Governance Act), AI, Regulation of Innovation, Startups

Melissa Laufer | HIIG

Melissa Laufer, Dr.

Topics: Digital Higher Education, Educational Technology, Digital Transformation of Universities

Nataliia Sokolovska

Topics: Anti-Science Sentiment in the Digital Space, Scientific Policy Advice, Quality of Science Communication

Sonja Köhne

Topics: Digititalisation of the Workplace, AI in Human Resource Management, AI and Employee Participation

Stephan Bohn | HIIG

Stephan Bohn, Dr.

Topics: Green Technology & Innovations, Digital Platform Economy, Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Theresa Züger, Dr.

Topics: Public Interest AI & Technology, AI and Women, Social Responsibility in AI Deployment

Thomas Christian Bächle

Thomas Christian Bächle, Dr.

Topics: AI and Robots, Autonomous (Weapon) Systems, (Media) Technology in Cultural Comparison (Japan)

Thomas Schildhauer | HIIG Director

Thomas Schildhauer, Prof. Dr. Dr.

Topics: Use of AI in Healthcare, Human-Centered Digital Health Applications, Digital Health Entrepreneurship

Wolfgang Schulz | HIIG Director

Wolfgang Schulz, Prof. Dr.

Topics: Freedom of Opinion and Press, Disinformation on the Internet, Media Law, Ethics Guidelines for Algorithmic Decision-Making

AI Act of the EU
Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M.
  • Political and legal regulation of AI technology
  • European Law
  • Ethics guidelines for algorithmic decisions
Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Society
Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M.
  • Legal regulation of AI
  • AI-based discrimination
  • Protection of human rights
Anna Jobin, Dr.
  • Political regulation of AI
  • Ethics guidelines for AI
  • Speculative fears of hyperintelligent machines
Wolfgang Schulz, Prof. Dr.
  • Legal regulation of AI
  • Misuse of AI for disinformation
  • Intransparency in the use of AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Work
Georg von Richthofen, Dr.
  • Use of AI in enterprises
  • Digital responsibility
  • Impact of AI on the quality of work
Fabian Stephany, Dr.
  • New job fields through AI
  • Restructuring of the labour market
  • Future skills and areas of work
Sonja Köhne
  • Co-determination of AI
  • Use of AI in human resource management
Digitalisation of Administration
Jörg Pohle, Dr.
  • History of the digitalisation of administration
  • Rule of law and separation of powers
  • Individual and collective data protection
Legislative Proposal: EU Chat Control (Combatting the Spread of Material on Child Sexual Abuse)
Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M.
  • Legal dimensions of end-to-end encryption
  • Reconciling the law with data protection and human rights
  • Potential harms of online surveillance
Jörg Pohle, Dr.
  • Development of global encryption standards
  • Surveillance and control of users on messenger services
  • Issues with the identification of abusive material by AI
Discrimination and Bias through Technology
Theresa Züger, Dr.
  • Technology and gender equality (women in the IT sector)
  • Inclusion and technology design
  • Social responsibility in the use of AI
Katharina Mosene
  • Reinforcement of existing structures of discrimination through AI development
  • Incomplete training data sets of new technologies
  • Discrimination against women* and marginalised groups
Twitter, Meta, TikTok, and Co. - Social Media Under Examination
Wolfgang Schulz, Prof. Dr.
  • Spreading of fake news & propaganda through recommendation algorithms
  • Automated detection, blocking & deletion of digital content
  • Protection of freedom of expression & press freedom on digital platforms
Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M.
  • Regulation of social media by the state, private companies & civil society
  • Moderation of digital content by humans & AI technology
  • Designing a human rights-based & accountable sphere of discourse on social media platforms
Digital Healthcare and E-Health Applications
Jörg Pohle, Dr.
  • IT security and data protection in the health sector
  • Public interest oriented use of health data for research purposes
Thomas Schildhauer, Prof. Dr. Dr.
  • Digital innovations in the care sector
  • Intelligent health systems
  • Ageing in the digital society
Hate Speech & Digital Violence
Katharina Mosene
  • Equality in the digital space
  • Discrimination through algorithms
  • Discrimination against marginalised groups (e.g. sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, trans- and homophobia)
Nataliia Sokolovska
  • Hostility towards science on online platforms
  • Populist campaigns and attacks on researchers


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