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Platform Regulation and Democracies

The Leibniz-Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow Institut (HBI), the Faculty of Law of the University of Hamburg, the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) together with the Centre for Communication Governance (CCG) at the National Law University Delhi (NLUD) and the Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio (ITS Rio) with the UNESCO Chair on Freedom of Communication at the University of Hamburg and the Global Network of Internet and Society Research Centers (NoC) co-organise a summer school on the topic of platform regulation and democracies in different societal contexts. The summer school is an on-site programme for admitted students only.


Platform Regulation and Democracies
Beyond Digital India Act, Marco Civil and DSA

Summer school
21 – 28 April 2024
Delhi, India


The summer school brings together a diverse group of scholars and students from India, Brazil, and Germany for an intensive week of lectures, discussions and interactive learning exercises. It offers participants a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts on an emerging legal issue. The programme will focus on the global impact of national or continental internet and AI regulation. The students will learn the opportunities and challenges of regulatory measurements from different continents, such as the Marco Civil from Brazil or the DSA, and will understand how different countries face different challenges when regulating online spaces. The course will help students switch perspectives and learn how to design norms and rules instead of “only” applying them.


About the Global Network of Internet and Society Research Centers

The Global Network of Internet and Society Research Centers (NoC) is an initiative started in 2012, which aims to increase cooperation between participating centres in order to facilitate knowledge exchange, realise synergies and collectively confront transnational issues on a global level. In the process, they grapple with a variety of topics of both domestic and global importance: policy, regulation and governance, human behaviour and social impact, new markets and business models, intellectual property, privacy and security, and many other issues. The Network initiates and facilitates joint research activities and events and thereby has added a global perspective on the current debates on internet and society.

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Event date

21.04.2024 - 28.04.2024 ical | gcal


New Delhi, India,  n/a,   New Delhi


Vincent Hofmann

Researcher: AI & Society Lab


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