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Tagung November Infrastrukturen der Autonomie

Infrastructures of Autonomy I Conference

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) and the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZeM) invite you to the international conference Infrastructures of Autonomy.


Infrastructures of Autonomy – Conference
An International Conference in Berlin, Germany
23-25 November 2022
HIIG Berlin, ZeM Potsdam

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Autonomy has been a multifaceted term for centuries that was and remains a key concept in discussions about individuals and societies alike. More recently, autonomy has gained a renewed relevance and additional meanings in the context of technical innovation, where it is ubiquitously employed in variations of “autonomous systems”. It is often associated with independently moving or self-controlling machines such as drones, vehicles or robots, or more generally with a wide range of automation processes. In this broad understanding, ‘autonomous’ becomes an attribute for (artificial) intelligence or (machine) learning and is used synonymously with self-determination or adaptability. At the same time, the term invokes (at least) one other meaning: a relational understanding of autonomy that denotes individual and collective processes that are embedded in infrastructures and conditioned by them. It is only in relation to and in the context of media, rules, norms, laws, practices, architectures, materialities or machines that the idea of autonomy acquires any meaning at all.

Against this backdrop the Infrastructures of Autonomy conference’s main objective is to address said conditions, structures and relations that constitute both human and machine autonomy. This also entails the various interpretations of the concept of autonomy.



Wednesday, 23 November 2022 · HIIG · Französische Straße 9, 10117 Berlin (Room: Casino)


18:00Conference Opening: Keynote address by Beate Rössler (University of Amsterdam)



Thursday, 24 November 2022 · HIIG · Französische Straße 9, 10117 Berlin (Room: Capella)

08:45-09:00Welcome note & Introduction
09:00-10:45Concepts, questions and structures of autonomy
11:15-13:00Autonomy, infrastructures and computing
14:15-16:00Materialities and practices of autonomy
16:30-18:15Automatisation and autonomy
from 18:15Summary

Friday, 25 November 2022 · HIIG · Französische Straße 9, 10117 Berlin (Room: Capella)

09:30-10:45Autonomy and machine agency
11:15-13:00Cognition, perception and autonomy
14:15-16:00Autonomy, care and labour
16:30-17:45Sovereignty, law and autonomy
17:45-18:45Closing Discussion
18:45-19:00Conference Closing

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25.11.2022 ical | gcal


Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society,  Französische Straße 9,  10117 Berlin


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